The poultry industry is under the watchful eye of both federal and state regulatory agencies and many special interest groups, in particular environmental and animal rights organizations.

As one of the nation's primary poultry producers, Allen Harim has an overriding responsibility to care for the environment in the communities where all of us work, live and raise our children. We realize that as responsible corporate citizens we set an example for poultry farmers, grain farmers, as well as other processors and the industry as a whole. To this end, we work closely with environmental agencies in the states where we operate to assure compliance with existing laws, to participate in improving processes, and to help formulate new legislation.

Our philosophy of quality also drives our investments in science and technology to help keep our communities environmentally safe. We are continually conducting research leading to environmental improvements and have made multimillion dollar investments in research and technology toward improving the environment.

Our organization has achieved several important “firsts” for the industry with the development and installation of an advanced technology wastewater treatment process at our Cordova processing plant. This superior system removes 99% of pollutants contained in the plant's wastewater. Ours was the first system of this type installed in the U.S. and has proven to remove exceptionally high levels of biological phosphorous and nitrogen. The quality of the water is so high that in Maryland it exceeds groundwater and surface water quality standards. Our Harbeson plant also has a superior water treatment system with enhanced nutrient removal, incorporating process features we learned from Cordova's new Biological Nutrient Removal System.

All of our plants are committed to assuring that the water we use for processing is returned safely to the environment. The awards and recognition we've received for those accomplishments are testimonials to our efforts.