Flock Supervisor

March 17, 2021
Seaford, DE

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
·         Supports Allen Harim’s vision, mission and values

·         Monitor all aspects of poultry husbandry including, but not limited to ventilation, flock health, lighting, feed and feeding practices, water consumption, sanitation, equipment operation, physical facilities and egg pack.

·         Communicate findings, recommendations, and requests to producers and management as well as other related departments such as feed milling, transportation, egg pick-up and health services to ensure that production programs and company policies are being adhered to.

·         Monitor chick placements, bird weights, feeding programs, lighting programs, sanitation programs, vaccination programs, nutrient/waste management programs, mortality and rate of lay.

·         Assess bird health, administer vaccine, prescribe medications, necropsy birds to identify disease states, weigh chickens, pull blood samples, identify states of flock maturity and uniformity and utilize these findings as tools to determine proper goals for management.

·         Verbally and in written form, communicate to producers their flock performances and flock management recommendations on current and future flocks in such a way that Allen’s management objectives and time schedules are carried out.

·         Document any and all extraordinary findings, management errors, production information (water, feed, weights, eggs, etc.), inventories recommendations, visitations, etc. and submit these reports to management on a regular and timely basis.

·         Perform other duties as assigned.

How to Apply

Email resumes to Stephanie.Mendez@allenharimllc.com