Health & Wellness Manager

November 22, 2021
Harbeson, DE

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Overall Goals:

  • Ensure we operate within compliance of state and federal law, especially regarding HIPPA and the confidentiality of all medical records and information.
  •  Ensure the employees are treated in a manner consistent with our culture, policies, and procedures.
  • Lead by example, engage and participate in activities to improve employee morale
  • Ensure we operate within compliance of state and federal law, especially regarding FMLA, STD, and LOA.
  • Be knowledgeable about Federal and CDC guidelines to allow us to best educate and protect our employees in the workplace.

Detailed Required Activities:

  • Time on the Floor – Spend at least 4 hours a week out in the plant to familiarize yourself with the staff and production areas. Determine if certain areas of the plant need medical supplies, blood borne pathogen kits, or supplies reordered.
  • FMLA – Ensure that FMLA, STD, and LOA are being tracked for all affected employees at the Harbeson facility. Also ensure that vital information needed for payroll or benefits purposes is sent to said departments in a timely manner.
  • COVID – Actively track all COVID and potential COIVD cases in the Harbeson facility, as well as the vaccination records for all current employees and new hires coming in. Coordinate all vaccination efforts at all Allen Harim locations.
  • Participation – Attend hourly and salary orientations to give information on what services are provided/offered at the medical office.
  • Visits – Visit the Hatchery and Feed Mill monthly to build relationships with staff and address any major medical concerns they may have. Spend at least 4 hours a week over at the Millsboro plant developing the medical team at this location and addressing any concerns they may have.
  • Evaluations – Every month evaluate your medical teams at each location. Meet with each team monthly after this evaluation to discuss concerns and possible issues that need addressed. Submit your findings or corrective actions to the corporate safety manager.
  • Coverage – Ensure that you can perform all medical tasks that your EMT’s can in case of a call out or an emergency. This includes medical procedures, but also all paperwork. You are also in charge of putting together a schedule for EMT’s at all locations so that there is maximum medical coverage at both plants.
  • RN
  • Bilingual – preferred