Quality and Food Safety

Allen Harim is Committed to Delivering the Highest Quality Products
Allen Harim is dedicated to producing safe and wholesome products of superior quality for our customers and consumers.

To that end, every Allen Harim employee shall understand and implement all policies and procedures to assure our quality objectives.

As a team and as individuals, we are committed to:

  • Maintaining an effective quality system that meets/exceeds the standards set by the Global Foods Safety Commission
  • Safe and wholesome products that exceed customer expectations
  • Compliance with all local, state and Federal regulatory agencies
  • Customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries and fill rates
  • Appropriate training at all levels

This is our promise to customers and consumers, today and always.

Quality and Food Safety

Animal Welfare

We are Commitment to Animal Welfare.
Allen Harim is committed to raising and processing poultry that have been treated humanely in ways that meet or exceeds industry standards.

Every Allen Harim employee and grower signs a humane treatment pledge that specifies:

  • Humane handling of live poultry at every step of the process
  • Training of all employees and contract growers
  • Facility management that maintains bird comfort
  • Facilities with live birds have emergency plans in place
  • If necessary, only AVMA approved euthanasia will be used

Allen Harim has as zero-tolerance policy for animal abuse.

Report Animal Welfare Concerns

Ethics and Integrity

At Allen Harim Foods, we work to grow an inclusive environment that provides equal opportunity to our employees, customers, suppliers, and the community at large. By creating a corporate culture that is free of harassment or discriminatory treatment of any form, every employee can have the opportunity to contribute fully to the business success of Allen Harim. As a Team Member of Allen Harim you are responsible for reporting unethical or illegal behavior. Per Allen Harim policy, individuals who make good faith reports of a suspected violation will not be retaliated against in any way. Individuals can anonymously submit an issue or concern and know that it adheres to the highest level of professional business standards and practices and will not voluntarily disclose your identity at any time without your consent.

Report Ethics Concerns

Environmental Stewardship

As one of the nation’s primary poultry producers, Allen Harim has an overriding responsibility to care for the environment in the communities where all of us work, live and raise our children. We realize that as responsible corporate citizens we set an example for poultry farmers, grain farmers, as well as other processors and the industry as a whole. To this end, we work closely with environmental agencies in the states where we operate to assure compliance with existing laws, to participate in improving processes, and to help formulate new legislation.

Our philosophy of quality also drives our investments in science and technology to help keep our communities environmentally safe. Our organization has achieved several important “firsts” for the industry with the development and installation of an advanced technology wastewater treatment process at several processing plants. All of our plants are committed to assuring that the water we use for processing is returned safely to the environment.